Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Which It Is About You

Well, listen. No one is commenting. I realize everyone is busy commenting everywhere else, and that I am guilty of commenting nowhere, but still, I can hear crickets chirping. I can also tell people are reading, but not commenting. I am magic that way.

I bring this up because I like blogging. I have liked it for a long while. Late at night while while I am in my jammies typing away and not a creature is stirring not even my spouse and I am writing and thinking about hot dogs and science and shoes and children and guitars and half finished thoughts and everything else I feel pretty good about the project of the blog, but I become less sure in the light of day when NO ONE IS COMMENTING. My vow to you: I promise to not write about myself in the third person, and I promise that I will try and be funny sometimes, and that I will remain faithful as a blogger. It's my promise to you. If I had a ring I would give it to you. My promise ring. To you. All I ask is that you comment sometimes. Is that really too much?

Initially, I wanted to write about gender, feminism and other fun issues exclusively. But, I think my strength lies in writing what I want to write about. Which is anything I want, really. We've gone over this, so don't break up with me for my repetition. I am going to change things up a little. So we can spice up our relationship. So you're not bored. See, it's about you. Well, and me. It's a reciprocal thing. So, as I announced before I am going to write about more than feminism and gender, but also about cooking and food and eating and movies and The Kid and books and my husband and writing and art and my friends who blog too (but who are clearly too busy to comment over here), and my dog. Because, this is a big change from anything you've experienced from me before, I am changing my name. Don't judge.

Same URL, just a new name. I know you understand. It's better than real life where you have to pay the state to change your name and post a newspaper ad. Here, I can just declare my name changed. So, without further ado....welcome to "Super Mon." Your home away from home where you don't have to take out the trash or anything. Just throw me a crumb once and awhile!

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