Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Which I Confess An Unnatural Love

I used to write a food blog in which I hardly ever wrote about food. I mean, sure, meals I had made it into my stories about work and my family, but it wasn't really all about food which is what I intended it to be when I started blogging in 2005. That's fine. I mean, we're not married to one idea around here, are we? But, when I felt the luster wearing off that blog coupled with the desire to write more about feminist issues, and other high-minded pursuits I decided on the Survival of the Feminist route with occasional contributions elsewhere.

But then, I started this blog, and immediately questioned myself as to what I was doing. I like writing personal stories, and while I might include some social commentary, writing all social commentary is just not my schtick. I need the personal to be motivated, engaged, and entertained. I feel I write my best when I am writing about my kiddo or Super Mon's husband, Super Steve, and/or food, poems, art, music, friends, life, and even (gasp!) work. When I read something it's the personal that grabs my attention. Well, why can't there be both? I mean, this is totally oversharing, but I have these incredibly difficult decisions to make, and I need your help. Food or Feminism? Personal or Political? Doesn't seem like there needs to be a choice there, does it?

In any event, as much as I care about Sotomayor's confirmation hearings (she is kicking ass, BTW. Did you hear that Senator Fuckery (R-Oklahoma) say she would have some "'splainin' to do" when he was trying to get her to opine on gun control???) and the flogging of women in the Sudan for wearing pants, I really want to write about hot dogs today.

I have a secret confession: I love a good hot dog. The all beef kind, hopefully grass fed, with little-to-no scary bits, topped with A LOT OF STUFF. But, those are hard to get when you're out and about. You can find them at the co-op for about $7 for 8 dogs, but then you have to get all the fixings too. Plain with mustard and onions on a poppy seed-y bun is my favorite low-maintenance way. But, I love a good chili dog with relish, chili, onions, cheese, sour cream. In other words: Heart. Failure. Now, I have to say, just because I love the hot dog doesn't mean I eat them that much, even the grass-fed all beef ones are processed to the point that it's questionable to call it meat. Hebrew National is an excellent lower-cost dog, and Nathan's hot dogs are probably my favorite all time dog. Ever. I like flavor. Not the watery, gray, left to soak in water, or over-roasted on a spit like they have at Target.

Some Hot Dog News of Note:

July 21 is National Hot Dog Day! Go to Chris & Rob's Chicago Taste Authority on Tuesday for a nickle Chicago dog or two when you buy something else. Chris and Robs is my close-to-my-house favorite

Here is the link to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council

The Weinery is a local favorite. It's right down the street from where I work on the West Bank in Minneapolis and has vegetarian and vegan dogs as well as Vienna beef. Their fries are amazing! I haven't been there in years and years. Last time I was there with Super Steve, there were some flies buzzing around because they had had their back door open. And, that skeeved me out for a long while. But, I think I am willing to try it again.

Serious Eats, my favorite foodie blog, has this to say about America's Regional Hot Dog Styles.
There isn't a hot dog on this list that I wouldn't try, but I am partial to the Chicago dog myself. That slaw dog looks AMAZING.

And, then there is Kramarczuk's (Ka-MAR-checks). Perogies, brats, eastern European salads, and sausages to die for. Arguably, the king of sausage sellers in Minneapolis.

Who's up for a hot dog on National Hot Dog Day??

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