Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Super Mon, the Strange

Hypothetically speaking, if I wanted to move on from my job, for instance, where would I go? Due the spectacular state of our economy, there is nothing to move on to. No great call for communicator positions with great benefits and job security.

Hypothetically, let's say I have tried 6 ways from Sunday to feel grateful about having a job in these tough times. Let's say that during these hypothetical moments I spend a good deal of time chiding myself every time the dark cloud of ingratitude floats above my scowling face. It seems I am an exemplary employee. I have buckled down, chinned (?) up, boot straps pulled, stayed late to just get it done, meet the deadline with class, and sass. I do a good job and move on to the next assignment. Tomorrow is another day, right? So, when I have to deal with a particularly irksome email from my hypothetical boss, I should just be a big girl, answer it, and get busy, right?


  1. Technically, yes. Let's put on our happy faces, get to work, and hate ourselves a little bit more!

  2. Although I have the "luxery" to fall back on student loans if the need arises, I felt the same way you did for two years and when I was let go it was like I was set free!