Thursday, July 2, 2009

News and More News

This week in the news:

India decriminalizes Gay Sex!

also reports on this.

A video of a man being harassed at Minneapolis PRIDE has received a lot of attention. MPR reports on the responses.

Camp Pendleton Sailor who was gay found dead on base

Algerian singer on trial for allegedly kidnapping and forcing his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion

American Medical Association finds abstinence only sex-ed ineffective

White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

Read the Executive Order for the Council on Women and Girls here

WWII Female Pilots Receive Recognition Long Over Due

One of my favorite features in the NY Times is the Times Traveler. Looking back at historical moments. In 1909 112 Suffragettes were arrested when they raided The House of Parliament in London.

UPDATE: The NY Times Time Machine is only available if you subscribe to the paper (rotters!) but, your library might have access to their archives

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