Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Circus of the Stars: Flashback, Flash Forward

Remember Circus of the Stars when Erik Estrada or poor Dana Plato would do tricks in super-tight tights? Well, I do. And no one did it better than Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, as introduced by Telly Sevalis.

There's a lot going on here. There is another clip of Lynda having knives thrown at her. It's disturbing. In that video she's in a very tight costume with a plume of butt feathers so she looks like a giant barbie/bird. She stands against a wall with her arms up in a fuck me pose, and then some knives land near her exposed armpit, next to her breast.

I was reminded of Circus of the Stars today when I was thinking of our friend Sarah Palin, for some reason. Could be the circus-like nature of her character. She could have crossed my mind because I read an incomprehensible editorial she wrote in the Washington Post where she claims Obama's cap and trade energy tax will be the downfall of American economics. She doesn't seem to understand what it means to curb our energy use. Conor Clarke, in Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish as it appears in The Atlantic, sums it up nicely, here.

Or/and, it could be that I am still astounded that anyone, anywhere, is taking what she has to say seriously when she continuously, and without fail, gets it wrong each and every time.

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  1. Well, Super Mon. She does read a lot of different publications and news sources. You know...all of 'em.