Monday, July 20, 2009

WTF Monday

A church in Gainesville, Florida has posted a sign declaring "Islam IS of thy Devile" ("thy" and "e" added by yours truly). Because truly, The Dove World Outreach Center is living up to its moniker of peace, understanding, and outreach right there. I am happy to see that that article includes a healthy resistance by the non-ignorant residents of Gainesville including protesting, tearing the sign down, spray painting, etc. I am no Jesus expert, but I am pretty sure love thy neighbor is the opposite of that effing sign. WTF???!!!

Shakesville has more.

According to CNN Men are staying home with their kids. I think it's awesome that there are stay at home parents-- including dads. "Alternative families" is kind of a loaded term. But, my own family unit is comprised thus. Super Steve (aka Super Big Daddy) goes to school, but is also the person at home the most and has done the most child caring of the Super Kid during the daylight hours for the past six and a half years including full-time summer stay at home dad status.

I think what they are getting at in this article is that having a family is hard, or "a grind" as one of the interviewees puts it and that thankfully, the times have changed and some dads actually spend time with their kids as opposed to previous generations of fathers who didn't. I give this article some small props because at least they used a gay family too and managed to get the message out there that all families are not alike. It [the article] gives me a creepy feeling as though as a society we should not expect dads to be caregivers of their child even though they're interviewing dads who stay home. The stay at home dad who was interviewed said his main objective is to go back to work since being laid off. So this really becomes a story about how the economy sucks and some dads have to stay at home, but the other dads in the story say unequivocally that they would not be able to do it, and/or that they would have to be paid. I don't really like operating out of the binary, but how many moms have been paid over the last millennium? Surely, children benefit from quality time with mom or dad or dad and dad or mom and mom or just mom or just dad, or grandma, guardian, and so on. This article which says "Dads reveal struggle to balance work and family is not a revelation at all." It's giving credit for saying they don't want to do it. WTF???!!!

I have had it with the goddamned Huffington Post and their fucking sexist celebrity sensationalistic fuckery. I go there for a dose of liberal news and one of the most read articles is about celebrity boob tape. Fuckwits abound! WTF????!!!!!

I don't see Huff Po being any better than Brian Kilmeade of Fox News who said Americans are marrying other species and therefore impure or some such bullshit. WTF!!!???!!!

And, finally, Liz Jones, a writer for the Daily Mail chronicled her weight gaining experiment. Jones, a self-described "borderline anorexic" writes a very disturbing piece called "For 40 years I have battled anorexia - so what happened when I had to eat normally for three weeks?"

This is a bit of older news, but worth examining over and over again.

Jones writes: "I certainly don't practise what I preach and am in fact secretly proud that I'm still a size 8, a sample size. I love my concave stomach and I can't help, despite my beliefs, but regard women who are fat, who don't exercise, who gorge on things like Galaxy, as somehow lazy. They just don't try hard enough.

That's the thing about being a borderline anorexic: it makes you feel superior, clean, morally unimpeachable."


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  1. An additional WTF for today is Harvard Professor Skip Gates was arrested for breaking and entering in his own home. Gates was profiled.