Monday, August 17, 2009

In Which Yours Truly Doesn't Rant Or Rave-- Even A Little

See that picture in the header of a bee on that globe thistle? That was taken by Super Steve who is a super photographer as well as painter and sculptor and a super Big Daddy. It's so pretty, I just want it to stay there forever. Sigh. That's a GREEN bee. Have you ever seen such a thing?

I feel I should tell you about where the author of Survival of the Feminist (now known as Super Mon) finds herself these days. My doctor has strenuously advised me to try whatever I can to CALM THE EFF DOWN. De-stress. Two doctors have said this to me in the last 2 months. My kids have had a lot of health issues in the last year, my work has had a lot demands, I have practically had to abandon my own studies (I have a lot of despair about this one because I want an MFA, I have wanted an MFA for as long as I can remember, even though there are no jobs for MFAs out there, that's not what I care about), my finances are always on the edge, and I feel like I am behind in every area and not at all able to catch up. Sounds about right, for everyone, yes? Well, I would like to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure and early heart failure and any other sort of doom and gloom as long as possible so, I have had to take some drastic measures. Mostly, what has been happening is a lot of THINKING about what to do. I am not yet 40 but I got a knock on the head to take better care of me, and I am aiming to try, at least. Here's are three tasks that I proposed to myself to help myself feel/get better:

1) No News is Good News. I decided to not read the news obsessively anymore. that doesn't mean I am not going to read or listen, but not to everything every day. I am, and forever will remain, politically liberal. Bleeding heart. Liberal. Feminist. Poet. Rainbows. Kittens. Healthcare for all. Oh, and that separation of church and state thing is also particularly important to me. I care about the state of our country, about my friends and family, about my community. But, I get seriously stressed out when I listen to NPR hosts talking about the Recession everyday and how the foreclosure problem is never going away. I get seriously distressed by watching Town Hall protests and listening to idiots like Glen Beck (even though I know he is an idiot). I get down-right enraged when I hear the religious-right exalting themselves and their belief system as being the only belief system and advocating violence, prejudice, and demonization of anyone who disagrees. It hurts my heart. Literally.

2) The ol' get more exercise, and eat better routine. No need for details. And/or details to come later when I have actually done something in this category.

3) Book Club. I really, really like books. I also really like friends. My friends like books. I would like to get books and friends and food and wine in the same room. I don't go out much. I like hanging with my family in the evenings, but I am missing the camaraderie of friends getting together, so....voila, Book Club. Now, I think Book Club needs a name, don't you? Book Club for Urban Bitches? Book Club for the Relatively (in)Sane? Book Club for Bloggers? I would like Book Club to turn into Writing Club, or a spin-off of some sorts, but I'll start small.


  1. How 'bout Book Club for Urban Bitches and a Few Country Bumpkins?

  2. Perfect. Don't want to exclude anyone.