Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Fite!

The House passed the food safety bill last week so the FDA can have more control in recalling tainted food, perform more inspections, enact fines, etc. This bill is not without its problems. It seems that it largely considers huge operations, and doesn't address the small, family farms, and their needs. While seeking a higher standard in food safety, the new regulations could become problematic for farms who offer diverse organic crops, heritage or heirloom products, and who package items in plants where conventional food is processed. Overall, steps to increase our food safety are good, but it doesn't hurt to be more informed.

Speaking of YUMMO food, that I hope is safe and free of E.Coli and salmonella... We're having corn from the farmer's market tonight. Roasted on the grill with some sea salt and cracked pepper. And, organic chicken and salad. Mmmmm. I love summer. I love corn. Who doesn't? Seriously!

I made the whole family come with me to the St. Paul Farmer's Market this weekend. Super Steve and Super Girl had to wait at the coffee shop while The Kid and I wended our way through the crowd. I have discovered that since its really only MY passion, and they all kind of hate going yo the market with me that I should really go it alone, but I made them come because I want them to love it the same as me. I want Super Steve and The Kid to see the potential of eggplant. All he tends to see is that our fridge is full and he doesn't want to waste anything, so where is it going to go, he wants to know. So practical, yet where is his imagination when it comes to my love of food? The Kid just wants to eat the whole time. He wants a hot dog, an ear of corn, some buffalo jerky. The Farmer's Market makes him hungry, no matter if he already ate.

I promised Super Steve that I would stop when my one bag was full and in that I got 7 ears of corn for 3 dollars, a whole bucket of zucchini, yellow squash, petty pan squash, some lettuce, some smoked string cheese, flowers, baby reds, fresh onions, egg plant, an heirloom tomato, and fresh basil. Mmmm. Basil. That is food for the entire week! We could have picked up local meats too, but the co-op sells them for a little less.

Super Steve and I are on a challenge to improve our health, cook at home, and eat locally, for the month of August! We feel better when we have delicious (and safe) veggies in our bellies.

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