Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuff I Love: Super Feminist Finds and Other Good Shiz

There's been a whole lot of seriousness on this blog this week. What with all the murders, mayhem & foolishness going on. I think it's time to listen to a little Public Image Ltd (PIL)! "Anger IS an energy," after all. (thanks to my sweetie for reminding me to lighten up! and for remembering this video)

A few things worthy of my love today:

Clean House! This show is my one true TV addiction! Niecy Nash is my favorite, FAVORITE person on TV after Rachel Maddow. Niecy is an excellent and inspiring diva/host, and she dismantles the mayhem and foolishness and clears the clutter from the lives of some serious pack rats.

Haiku: Especially the Humpday Haiku at Little Junkies

I wrote a haiku for my friends over there:

Little Junkies writes
Pop culture, movies, TV
Blogging fun while thinking

Lesbian Web Series Seriously. There are some awesome projects listed on this site.

Animal Rescue and Animal Humane Society

The movie Clue

Flames, flames shooting out of the side of my face!!!!

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  1. Haikus are the shiz
    Little Junkies spread the love
    ...Clue is the shiz, too!