Monday, June 1, 2009

Announcing The Re-Arrival of Survival of the Feminist

Well, I started this blog, and I kind of stopped this blog. Then, today I deleted another blog that I have had for 4 years! Bye bye Mme. Piggy!

Survival of the Feminist blog is really important to me but I had too much going on at once to pay appropriate attention to it. Y'all don't want to hear all my excuses about being overwhelmed by kids, work, school, projects, dog, fiction reading, writing, Facebook, and watching Clean House, etc., etc. So, let's get down to brass tacks and pretend like the first few posts were really previews of the brilliance to come and this is the launch of a new era of Feminist writing! Yay! Also, I am really a humorist at heart, and I like feminism and humor together, but some things just aren't funny. Like misogyny. Like murdering doctors and trying to deprive women of their right to health care. Racism, sexism, discrimination, and idiocy in the name of religion are not funny to me either. Although I may at times have something funny to say about them. So, say goodbye to Mme Piggy, and hello to Survival of the Feminist!

(Cue Gloria Gaynor)

Topics of interest that SoF is thinking of and reading about this week:

Abortion & Reproductive Health:

How the murder of Dr. George Tiller impacts black women. There is so much to say about this horrific crime! It breaks my heart!

Slate has a great article up about financial assistance for women who need health care! Please donate!

I am donating to Medical Students for Choice!

Discover magazine writes on Abortion and the Architecture of Reality

Death and Change:

Blues Genius Koko Taylor has passed away.

20 years ago today this happened:

Changes and Challenges & the Law:

Supreme Court Justice Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

June Third became National Fist Bump Day!

Silence is the Enemy: Bloggers against Rape and Sexual Violence

Feminist Law Professors

New Hampshire Loves the Gays!

Humor, Art, Pop Culture, Blogs:

Guerrilla Girls are just awesome

Little Junkies writes about cool chicks on TV

fbomb blogs for teens and feminism. The fbomb is the bomb!

Well, I could keep going, but we want to save some for tomorrow. Welcome back, me.


  1. Welcome back! And a big thx for the little junkies nod--we've been having a really good time celebrating the actresses we love and a eye-opening time considering the representations that we loathe.

  2. Thanks, L.J. I am enjoying the Humpday Haiku immensely! Please consider writing a guest post for Survival of the Feminist!