Friday, January 2, 2009

Wonder Feminists: Unite!

Happy 2009! Welcome to Survival of the Feminist. I'm your blogger, Monica. I am kind of like a feminist MacGyver or Wonder Woman without the suit. I am here in the spirit of Feminism to rock the boat, and to use some spit and duct tape and the invisible jet to cobble together a feminist blog.

There are about a bajillion blogs out there on Feminism-- see the blogroll. A super duper gem is Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. Go there for answers to your Feminism FAQs. My goal is to add to the discussion.

I started this blog because I like hearing what you have to say about gender and feminism in today's culture. I like turning a critical eye toward the bullshit of patriarchy, and I like writing and language. Gender is one of those tricky ideas that seems to get all caught up in language and its constructions. But, I want to get one thing clear: this is a Feminist blog. Feminism to me, means blowing up gender constructs, and being the squeaky wheel who gets the grease in that sense. Feminism means deconstructing gender and defending our fellow humans against gender biases, and because we aren't monolithic, it means understanding and critiquing gender constructs that intersect with racial, socio-economic , and all kinds of other constructs.

For a long time I tried to find an adequate definition about what Feminism is that I like, and then I tried to write an adequate definition. What I have found is varied and sometimes oversimplified: Feminism is a movement that promotes equality among the sexes. Okaaaaayyy.... that's a start. But, it's also a cultural critique. Feminist theory also critiques biases and constructs based on gender and race, gender and socio-economic statues, gender and sexual orientation, gender and able-bodiedness, and so forth. I came to the conclusion that Feminism isn't static, and that it's evolved, and ever-evolving.

I could get into trouble real fast by saying what Feminism isn't. But, I'll keep it to a minimum: this blog is not about hating. It's not about bashing anyone because of their gender and it's not about all the other fallacies and stereotypes ascribed to the word "feminist" or "feminism."

I hear people over and over again say they don't want to identify as a feminist, even though they say they hold Feminist values. WTF?! You can't use the word because someone might think you're a, a, a, a.....what? A femi-nazi, and lesbian, a bitch? I do not get this particular phenomenon. I am not trying to be all zealous and get a tatoo on my forehead that says "Fuck you, I'm a Feminist." But, Fuck You, I'm a Feminist. And, I am not embarrassed to use that word. I am informed by it and empowered by it.

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  1. A new blog has been born, and it's a feminist!!!!

    Now the real test... how do your comments work....

    Anyway, nice job, looking forward to lots of great stuff.